What is soundmite?

Soundmite is a short-form audio engagement platform and social network. It allows you to share audio clips of 21 seconds or less with friends, organisations and brands.

Record a mite in-app on a smartphone or desktop. This can then be shared with others on the soundmite network, Twitter and Facebook.

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“soundmite is precisely why this industry excites me. Ingenuity and innovation, housed in a super simple interface, utterly intuitive and built for a modern audience. On top of that, a team with boundless energy and expertise means this is looking like one of the best bets for the UK’s own little unicorn”

James Kirkham Head of Copa90 at Bigballs Media

“Radio needs to be in a position where key, short form audio can be sent to our audiences, or artists quickly for them to share with their friends, or fans… soundmite makes the production possibilities endless, it allows voices to be heard, and makes the future of radio unpredictably exciting”

Technical Manager BBC Network Radio

“Real time soundmites captured and shared by fans, clubs, pundits, pressers, journos.
Speed is the key, as is shareable formats, and the uniqueness of the soundmite itself”

Ben Golding Head of Business Development, Press Association

“soundmite is so exciting because it creates a quality audio sound bite that revolutionises the relationship between listener and broadcaster, which means huge revenue potential”

John Dash Trustee of the Radio Academy

soundmite for business


Share audio from you or your audience across Twitter and Facebook


Soundmite’s web interface enables you to create and broadcast your audio


Use our APIs to integrate with your products or third-party social media management tools


Create new revenue streams by leveraging a new media channel for your business


Have a genuine two-way conversation with your audience and let them contribute with their own voices. Publish the best audio UGC online or in-app


Ensure app users keep coming back and attract new users through engaging audio

Latest News

Soundmite release social audio app for Android

Soundmite are delighted to announce the release of their social audio app for Android. It is available to download from the Play Store now.

Soundmite CEO to host sessions at World Telemedia in Marbella

Steve Godman, CEO of soundmite – the social audio platform, will be attending this year’s World Telemedia in Marbella, as a panellist and guest host.

Eon Broadcasting updates online app with innovative social audio feature

EON Broadcasting’s Sunshine Coast stations 92.7 MIX FM and 919 SEA FM have launched the upgrade of their online apps, with the inclusion of an Australian first for radio, with “MIX Mites” and “SEA Bites” using the social audio network “Soundmite.”

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